The 5 Most Important New Features in iOS 17.4

Discover the five most important new features coming to your iPhone with iOS 17.4.

The 5 Most Important New Features in iOS 17.4
iOS 17.4 will be released next week


Next week, Apple will release the final version of iOS 17.4 for everyone, presumably next March 4th. This release will be historic as it will include important changes related to both the European Union DMA and new features that will significantly improve the iPhone experience. That’s why we’ve collected some of them for you.

In this article, We are going to list some of the most important new features coming in iOS 17.4., so you can learn about them before launch day. Among the new features that we will see, a special place occupies ability to use third-party app stores or choose a default browser before using Safari.

Ability to use third-party app stores

This is perhaps one of the most important new features of the new version that we will see next week. Under the European Union DMA obligation, Apple will have to allow apps to be downloaded through alternative stores to the App Store..

It won’t be an Android type system, but this must be through Apple-approved stores. Stores like the one Setapp has prepared and which will launch a beta version in April. This will no doubt be a historic change as the App Store will no longer be the only way to download apps on the iPhone.

Ability to select default browser before using Safari.

Another new feature coming in iOS 17.4. this is an option to choose the default browser on iPhone before using Safari. This means that when you update, when you log into Safari, the system will show you a list of browsers and you can select the one you want to use as your default browser.

Among them: Aloha, Brave, Chrome, DuckDuckGo, Ecosia, Edge, Firefox, Onion Browser, Opera, Safari and Vivaldi. This means that the links will open by default, for example in the browser of your choice. Once selected we can download it if we didn’t have it before and there will be no need to set it as default in the iPhone settings as was the case before.

Another new feature coming to iPhone browsers is ability to use your own rendering engine. This means they won’t need to use WebKit, the engine that Safari uses. Browsers like Google Chrome or Brave will benefit from this as they will be able to use Chromium for example.

Great new feature in the Podcasts app.

Another major new feature in this new version is the built-in Podcasts app. When this version will be available, Podcast audio can be transcribed into text. This means that we will have in writing what is being said in real time.

And what’s best? It works like Apple Music and even has the same button for playing lyrics in real time. By pressing the button The podcast audio transcript will appear in full screen. and will update in real time as the audio plays, ensuring that the highlighted text reflects what is currently being said.

As with Apple Music song lyrics, you can scroll through the lyrics and select the part of the audio you want to move forward or backward.

New emoticons

Yes, another one of the new features in iOS 17.4. These are new emoticons. We use them every day and needed to be reflected in these features. The new items we will see will be the following:

  1. The emoji nods its head while moving vertically.
  2. Emoji shakes his head while moving it horizontally.
  3. Phoenix.
  4. File.
  5. Mushroom.
  6. Circuit break.
  7. Various symbols depicting families with silhouettes of people.
New emoticons for iOS 17.4

New emoticons in iOS 17.4

New battery settings section on iPhone 15

If you have an iPhone 15, you’ll also have a new battery settings section. On the one side, The battery health percentage will no longer be displayed.. Instead, its status will appear if it is in good condition, will come out as usual. If you want to view additional data such as charge cycles or the percentage itself, you will have to go into the settings section.

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