The 7 MIR specialties that have sold out on matchday 13

Candidate for MIR 2022.

After 13 days of allocation of places, a total of 21 MIR specialties have managed to complete the quota offered for this call. In this Thursday’s session, in which it was the turn of order numbers 4,801-5,200 of the Medicine degree, seven areas have been added to the list of complete areas. Specifically, according to data from the Ministry of Health, Angiology and Cardiovascular Surgery, Digestive system, heart surgery, General and digestive surgery, Thoracic Surgery, Legal and Forensic Medicine Y Pediatrics and Specific Areas.

Angiology and Cardiovascular Surgerywhich delivered the first of its 50 places to the applicant with order number 168, has completed the process with doctor 4,869. Digestive system has assigned the last vacancy to candidate 4,814, while heart surgery has closed the award with 4,916.

General and digestive surgery, with an initial offer of 230 positions, has given the last place to number 4,815. In the case of Thoracic Surgery, has assigned his 23rd place to doctor 4,889. Legal and Forensic Medicine, which opens in this call, has finally managed to fill the quota of eight places. The new MIR specialty has given its last place to the applicant 5,015.

As to Pediatrics and Specific Areaswith an offer of 494 places, has finished the adjudication of this call with the doctor 4,812.

What MIR specialties are close to being exhausted?

Just one day away from completing the second round of allocation, the Ministry of Health it has already allocated 62 percent of vacancies. In addition, four specialties have awarded more than 90 percent of places, so they could complete the process in the next session.

These areas that are on the verge of 100 percent occupancy are: Hematology and Hemotherapy (91 percent), with 13 places available; Neurology (98 percent), with 3; Medical Oncology (92 percent), with 12; Y Rheumatology (95 percent), with 4.

However, a significant volume of specialties has not yet completed even 50 percent of the quota offered. This is the case of Allergology (24 percent); Clinical Analysis (5 percent); Clinical Pharmacology (21 percent); Geriatrics (10 percent); Immunology (27 percent); Work Medicine (2 percent); Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (48 percent); Nuclear medicine (19 percent); Preventive medicine and public health (15 percent); Microbiology and Parasitology (7 percent); Clinical Neurophysiology (26 percent); Y Radiation Oncology (44 percent).

However, the most lazy is Clinical Biochemistry, which maintains the initial offer of five seats intact. In the case of Family and Communitya, with 75 assignments this Thursday, has awarded 13 percent of the offer, so there are still available 2,024 spaces without owner.

According to the ministerial body in the daily report, in the last 24 hours 96 queries have been sent to the CAU-Services of the applicants for the Medicine degree. All those related to the candidates summoned in the session of May 12 have been successfully closed before the election period.

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