The actress is surprisingly smart about keeping her dark white pieces dye-free.

At 57, Salma Hayek decided to go gray. Although, sir, the actress caches this hair, she decided that montrer deveiler son, cactus for les disimulator, sans pour autant avoir recurs à la teinture. In a video posted on Instagram, she can be seen wearing a white peignoir: “Look at all these white chevés. Alors, what’s the secret? Comment les couvrir sans avoir à les teindre? When I get dressed in Seoul j’applique juste du mascara “, point out. Salma Hayek also mentions small precautions before using this device. : “Vous nettoyez vraiment bien la brosse et ensuite, vous faites comme ça,” lance-t-elle mimant une brosse du mascara sur ses cheveux gris.x “And all petits cheveux rebelles qui dépassent deviennent non seulement noirs, mais ils restent plat “, ajoute-t-elle.

The acting actress has an unexpected trick

Miguel Martin Perez, they are hairdressers who also have their own little tips. She used L’Oréal Professionnel hair color product. “This is how you apply makeup to your hair,” admits Salma Hayek. Vous voyez, je n’ai pas à faire des retouches toutes les semaines. I didn’t want to do this. » Comme souvent, Salma Hayek poste sur les réseaux sociaux des photos d’elle no makeup and no artificial makeup. “I have learned and know the names of the white boys and attractions who are invited to the morning party,” I said in June. Toujours splendide au natural, la comédienne aime ainsi decomplexer ses fan.

An endless source of beauty inspiration, Salma Hayek also spruces up her mani-pedi routine with seasonal twists. In this photo posted on January 26 by dernier, Mexican-American-Lebanese actress gets a manicure and pedicure with foundation. Their unique courtyards, elegant suits in Arrondi County, simply sublime Vernis bordeaux aux nuances tirant vers le noir, une teinte qui étend également sur ses pieds. To elegantly highlight this eyeshadow color, the 57-year-old star opted for a glittery top coat. This is a choice of glamor and modernity, as well as déjà vu of conquests plus 330,000 Internet followers. If you want to recreate this look, all you need to do is apply a base, add two coats of burgundy vernis and finish with a top coat.

Salma Hayek looks natural

Au-delà des vernis Tendances qui clothes that attract everyone’s attention, and other details do not pass by the passion for beauty : Salma Hayek’s completely natural look.. Publication Sur sa derniere, The era of Francois-Henri Pinault comes without makeup, cleansing smoky eyes, light redness and contouring. Wear pajamas with cool, light decor, they radiate beauty! Sublime brown decoration depicting luminous and mesh, highlighting the beauty of nature without the envy of artificial arts.

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