The Alicante-Elche Marathon will have one of the fastest routes in Spain and Europe.

ALICANTE (EFE). According to test director José Manuel Albentosa, the first Alicante-Elche marathon will have one of the “fastest routes in Spain and even in Europe” with a positive slope for runners.

The sporting event, the first in both places, will take place in February 2025 and will begin in Elche and end in the port of Alicante, covering a total distance of 42,195 kilometers.

This Thursday, in the Town Hall of Elche, the first meeting took place between the Sports Councilor of the Alicante City Council, Tony Gallego, his colleague in Elche, José Navarro, and the director of the marathon to determine organizational, technical and promotional aspects. , according to municipal sources reported.

At the same time, the marathon director noted that the unevenness of the test will benefit the runners’ personal records.

At this first meeting, it was decided to hold a meeting with the public security forces and authorities, both the local police and the Civil Guard, to determine the final route, the next step being to obtain the approval of Spanish Athletics. Federation and define general ideas for its promotion, although the runners’ fair will be held in Elche.

However, the departments of tourism of Elche and Alicante will offer travel packages and joint activities for this event, which has already attracted the interest of athletes at the international level, according to the statement.

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