The alleged killer of a young Cuban found dead in Mayari has confessed to the crime

Alleged intellectual author of murder of young Cuban eugenio garcia In Mayari, Holguín, he confessed to committing the crime with the help of three other people.

Adri Diaz, close to the family and who has been calling for the search for the young man on social networks since his disappearance, gave the information. CyberCuba On Friday night Yohandris Rodríguez González, who was found by the victim’s family and turned over to authorities, admitted that he had defrauded Eugenio of approximately $4,000 in alleged purchases and sales in order to set him up and He can be looted.

The money that the young man had was one lakh 300 thousand pesos. was buried in a garbage heap And the bicycle on which he was traveling was thrown into the river. Officers went to the reported dump to recover the money and the vehicle was removed from a tributary river.

Eugenio’s body showed signs of violence; he had been beaten and had sticks pressed into his stomach. According to the source, it was a brutal crime, they stabbed her at least four times and beat her with a pipe, finally slitting her throat.

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Diaz did not confirm whether the other three people involved had also been detained.

“The worst part is that they were classmates. “They studied together,” he laments.

Eugenio left his house around 5:00 pm on Tuesday after agreeing to the alleged sale of dollars with Rodríguez González, who was the alleged middleman.

The alleged murderer. courtesy of family

He took the money and went out on a bicycle and at 6:00 pm his family called him and the phone was switched off.

The police were immediately informed and considering the slow action of the authorities, people close to the youth sought support from the community to search for him.

Several detachments started searching and they found him dead Thursday afternoon, in a forest near the Arroyo Hondo River.

The family itself traced the middleman in the false sale and took him to the police.

The crime shocked the population of Mayari, who are demanding justice and maximum punishment for the killers.

Similarly, he has also strongly criticized the police protocol in missing cases.

An uncle of the victim published an open letter on Facebook demanding that ruler Miguel Diaz-Canel and the Supreme Court impose the death penalty against those responsible to stop the wave of violence on the island.

The source concluded, “This could have been avoided, but the police are everywhere but where they should be.”

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