The attackers stopped a bus carrying 36 passengers on the Matamoros-Reynosa highway; his whereabouts unknown

The bus stopped by armed men belonged to Grupo Senda. (Facebook/Senda Group)

During the night of 30 December, a group of armed men stopped a bus heading towards the city matamoros and forced them to step down 36 passengers Who were on the ship.

According to official reports, the events, which the Tamaulipas security spokesperson’s office described as an “incident”, occurred on the Matamoros – Reynosa highway shortly after 10 p.m.

Initially it was reported that Grupo Senda’s bus number 9570 They left the city of Reynosa and were intercepted halfway by a group of would-be hitmen.

Officials believed that the 36 people traveling in the unit they were forced to go down also through threats, but he did not say whether he was deprived of his liberty nor did he share any other details about his whereabouts.

According to official details, the person who reported the incidents was the bus operator. In view of this, elements of the Mexican Army, National Guard and State Guard went to the scene he maintained the unit To Matamoros headquarters.

Statement from Tamaulipas security spokesperson. (Tamaulipas security spokesperson)

Unofficial versions detail that only a few passengers of the group managed to reach the terminal in the aforementioned city, but this has not been confirmed by any corporation.

This incident reminded me that attempted kidnapping In early December this year, a group of migrants also suffered suffering in Tamaulipas.

Through her TikTok account, a user named Yeni Briseno said that after getting into a vehicle on December 12, future line In Reynosa, a squad of hitmen tried to take him and the rest of the Venezuelan natives who were traveling there.

A passenger traveling in the bus told how an armed commando tried to kidnap him. Credit: TikTok/@yenireebric

According to his testimony, employees of the transportation company did not sell him real tickets, but sold ballots with only numbers on them so that he could board.

“They sold us a ticket that was not a real ticket, they were some hand-made pieces of paper with only a number written on them (…) They handed us over to the cartel because three trucks stopped us And the driver opened the door where five men came in,” the Venezuelan woman said.

The hijacking attempt occurred about five minutes after the vehicle left the Reynosa headquarters, so Yenny Briceño speculated that the company—Futura—was colluding with criminal groups. ,They are inciting people to hand over the cartel.“It was about a five-minute walk from the terminal here,” he warned in his video.

Both he and the rest of the passengers were able to return to Reynosa safely because the windows were broken, he protested the attack Talked about the alleged killers and denied the kidnapping they wanted to do against them. The destination of that unit’s route was also the city of Matamoros and a police escort was necessary so the group could arrive safely.

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