The benefits of walking for at least 30 minutes every day and the reason why you should do it in the morning

Sports should be fundamental part of our life. advantages What it gives us is endless. Not only does it help us improve our health, but it also makes us feel better mentally.

However, developing an exercise habit is difficult. This requires participation, desire and persistence. In addition, it is important to find one that adapts to our abilities and that we can enjoy. If not, then most likely we will have to give up.

One of simpler and at the same time more effective actions To stay active and fit, you need to walk. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that adults aged 18 to 64 years engage in moderate aerobic exercise for “at least a period of 150 or 300 minutes during the week“Or what’s the same thing, 30 minutes for five days. But besides time, there is something more important: time of day when we do it.

Reason why you should go for a walk in the morning

Although there is no clear scientific evidence that walking in the morning is more beneficial than at other times of the day, some experts recommend doing it first thing in the morning. from 06:00 to 08:00.. Cause? Keep the body active from the moment we wake up.

A study from the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute concluded that half an hour of morning exercise may help. control blood pressure in overweight and obese people.

“In both men and women, the magnitude of the decrease in mean systolic blood pressure after activity and breaks from sitting approached What can you expect from an antihypertensive drug?“explains Michael Wheeler, one of the researchers.

The benefits of daily morning walks

With all this, we can say that a daily morning walk helps reduce the risk of various diseases and gives us many positive health effects.

Improves mood

If you go for a morning walk, we can better face the day. positive. It will help us reduce anxiety and stress levels.

Although walking is not a high-intensity activity like running, swimming or cycling, it also allows us to strengthen our muscles.

Increased Energy Levels

A morning walk will lead to the fact that our body will already be active from the first hour. This will provide us energy accelerator get through the rest of the day.

Breakfast for a person with a big appetite

It happens to many people that they are not hungry as soon as they wake up and therefore do not eat breakfast. A morning walk will whet your appetite, let’s prepare this dish like this: avoid snacking between meals.

Exercising will always help us lose weight. If you do this in the morning, perhaps the effect will be greater, since our body uses calories you have already accumulated. However, losing weight only depends on your diet and the foods you eat.

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