The best Apps to listen to free music from your Android or iPhone

As time went by, phones evolved to become smartphones that practically perform the same functions as a tablet, or even a desktop computer.

One of the first advances was the incorporation of applications dedicated to downloading and listening to free music, and since then many have emerged with the same objective. Therefore, it is essential to know which are the best Apps to listen to free music on your Android or iPhone.

The first point to highlight is the difference in the operating system with which Android and iPhone work since the latter has IOS, created specifically for this style of device. Through its AppStore, the phone allows you to search for different applications to download and listen to music for free. The same happens with Android and its PlayStore.

Best Apps to listen to music: SpotifyBest Apps to listen to music: Spotify

Both offer applications created with the aim of playing music on your phone without the need to make any payment. However, most applications have a free service and a paid service within the same app, which allows “premium” users to have greater benefits, such as listening to music without ads, having unlimited downloads, and much more.

In that sense, Apple devices have their own application that is installed on the phone, tablet or computer at the time of purchase.

This is “Apple Music”, an application that offers millions of songs for free that can be connected from Mac computers to Apple Watch. Among its main benefits, the application offers:

  • More than 100 million songs and 30,000 playlists.
  • Zero ads.
  • Spatial Audio.1
  • Be able to sing along to the lyrics in real time with Apple Music Sing.
  • Listen on all your devices. With or without connection.

“Add your favorite songs, albums, playlists, and artists to your library to see even more personalized recommendations.3 You will also receive automatic notifications when new songs are released,” details Apple Music on its website. The ways to obtain the full service are:

  • Buy an Apple device with 6 months free: Get 6 months free of Apple Music with the purchase of eligible devices.
  • Apple Music 1-Month Free Trial: Get a 1-month free trial when you sign up for the first time, then enjoy it for $6.49/month.

Other ideal applications to download music on Android and iPhone

The best known and most used on both Android and iPhone is Spotify. It has similar features to Apple Music, since you can listen to podcasts, radio shows, music and much more. It also has the option to download music: this allows you to listen to songs and/or podcasts at any time and place, without depending on having an internet connection.

Their free service allows you to listen to music, but there will be ads in the middle of the songs and intervals with promotions to get Spotify’s premium service.

In addition, the platform has functions such as AutoPlay, so that the music does not stop; Crossfade, which eliminates silences between songs; or Spotify Connect, which allows you to control playback from other devices

.Other ideal applications to download music on Android and iPhone Photo Shutterstock.

Other ideal applications to download music on Android and iPhone Photo Shutterstock.

Another well-known one with similar features to both is Deezer, a free music application that also allows you to create music libraries and use its song recognition service (something similar to what the Shazam application allows you to do), read the lyrics of the songs. and much more. Its catalog contains more than 53 million streaming songs and recommendations.

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