The blue card comes to football

IFAB (International Football Association Board, football’s rules-making body) plans give a blue card this friday for football, according to Telegraph. A new map that penalizes interruption of a promising attack (but not so much as to be red) or excessive protests to the referee and entails the player being sent off for 10 minutes..

The features of this card are that two blue will make one red. That is, exclusion from the entire match and disqualification for the next one. The same result will be obtained if we combine blue card with yellow.

This new map will be introduced into football gradually. Since the FA has voluntarily tested it in their competitions, The men’s and women’s FA Cup matches could be a good time for testing, starting this summer.. Thus, he withdraws from participation in the Champions League or European Cup next season, with Čeferin being one of those who previously spoke most against this measure.

This will be the first time the card system in football has been changed since then. At the 1970 World Cup, yellow and red cards were introduced..

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