The Castelló City Council allocates 17.63 million in 2023 for social welfare policies

CASTELLO. The Castelló City Council gives new impetus to social policies this year by allocating a game of 17.63 million within the area of ​​Social Welfare, Dependency, Childhood and Cooperation. An investment that grows 1.29% compared to last year and almost doubles compared to 2015. The mayoress of Castelló, Marcohas highlighted this increase and “the effort of the municipal government to continue promoting policies and actions that protect families and people in vulnerable situations.”

In this sense, the mayoress has indicated that the budget includes a reinforcement of the items destined for social inclusion, as well as for childhood and cooperation policies. “This year we are going to allocate four million in measures for social inclusion, among which are social emergency aid to help alleviate situations of social vulnerability,” Marco indicated.

Day Center for people with Parkinson’s

In addition, the mayoress has highlighted the investment of 750,000 euros for the construction of the Day Center for people with Parkinson’s. “An investment that will allow us to reinforce our commitment to expanding the network of social resources in Castelló and improving the quality of life of people who have some type of dependency or disability,” she pointed out.

The Councilor for Social Welfare, Dependency and Childhood, Patricia Gate, He has highlighted the promotion of Childhood and Adolescence policies, whose budget will grow by 6.8% compared to last year. “This year we will approve and implement the II Municipal Plan for Childhood and Adolescence, which implies the consolidation of the policies aimed at incorporating the perspective of childhood and adolescence, as well as their proposals in the design of a Castelló for all people,” he said.

In addition, the budget for development cooperation policies increases by 35%, reaching 840,000 euros for this 2023. Among other items, the area’s budget will allocate 2.68 million within the Coordination and Social Projects Bureau, 2.14 million to the Dependency Bureau, 711,066 euros for the Family and Childhood Bureau, 682,000 euros for the Social Coexistence Bureau and Interculturality and 1.6 million for the Base Team of Social Services, among other items. In addition, for the first time, an item is endowed for the recreational activities project in all non-school periods for children and adolescents with generalized support needs, with an amount of 90,000 euros. Thus, this resource is included from the summer of 2023 and will continue at Christmas, Madeleine and Easter.

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