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Hits Alouette 2023

Credit: Maneskin DR | COURTESY OF COLUMBIA Records | Vianney DR

Ils sont restés dans nos têtes, ont accompanies the moments of the holidays, ont vehiculé des messages forts… these Alouette hits ont tout simply celebrate the year 2023.

Apprenez-en plus sur ces ces qui sont devenues des irreplaceable our playlists.

Miley Cyrus – “Flowers”

The 2023 announcement marked the return of the American singer, and it’s a comeback! Premier extract Son Huitième album “Endless Summer Vacation”chanson “Flowers” is an excerpt from a lottery draw. Écoutée plus four billion money in the worldThis is the fastest history ever with 500 million threads.

Je peux m’acheter des fleurs… Je peux m’aimer mieux que tu ne le fais…“Miley Cyrus and évoque sans détour son, divorce from actor Liam Hemsworth, sa Renaissance and confidence in it. In the same way, the video in which the artist appeared on stage in a house in which, according to rumors, the place of residence of the son of ex-Marie was revealed, became a cult video!

Benson Boone and Philippine Lavry – “In the Stars”

Il s’agit de l’une des les plus écoutées, mais also les plus émouvantes, this year, 2023. “In the Stars”, young artist Benson Boone l’a write in honor of sa grand-mèrepour “accept son of departure” and move forward after it happens.

Alors qu’il a d’abord sort this chanson in the English version, l’américain de 21 ans a fait la rencontre de Philippine Lavrey, révélée dans l’émission The Voice, lors d’un stay in France. The two artists, students of the Philippine Lauray, know that at some point “In the Stars” la touche, elle qui a Perdu are Pere return. Ainsi is not alone spicy duetin English and French.

Kendji Girac and Vianney – “Le feu”

Ils ont Literalelement my “passion” at night ! If the chanson was originally written by Renaud Rebillot and Vianney, then Kendji Girac offered to be the first in the duet. Both artists are acquaintances and acquaintances. Ensemble “Abode of Labor”. And pour this premiere duet “officiel”, Vianney and Kenji Girac have found the recipe “gagnante pour une”. romantic balladin French and Spanish: who rechauffé nos coeurs!

Encore plus our wonderful traveler, two French artists ont devoilé le clip officiel, sorte de postcard de vacances au bord de l’eau!

David Guetta – “Baby Don’t Hurt Me”

In April, the French DJ will perform several reprises of Meilleur DJ around the world, releasing the song “Baby don’t be hurting me”, a title that breakup with the British singer Anne-Marie and American rapper Coy Leray. If you’re familiar with the passwords, there’s “Baby, don’t hurt me,” as well as a repetition of the myth. “What Is Love” by singer Haddaway. Debuting in 1990, the song continued its worldwide success with 2.6 million copies sold and number 1 for 13 years, not in France, for 5 weeks. And in 2023, David Guetta’s version will also achieve success!

Becky G – “Arranca”

It is impossible not to understand the pas de dans under this hit! “Arranca” by Mexican-American singer Becky G. posted bon le soleil d’été et rechauffe encore nos journées d’hiver ! Moreover, the training music is very interesting. parole plus series. Becky G and remember the decision meet the end of a toxic relationship et sa volonte d’aller de l’avant.

If you choose the singer’s voice, then you will understand what you have chosen David Guetta Titled “Mad Love” in 2018, as well as duets with the Black Eyed Peas, Christina Aguilera, Pitbull or BTS’s J-Hope as an encore, Rien que ça!

Maneskin – “The Loneliest”

The success of the Italian group, which I reported on Eurovision 2021 ne désample pas. The four members of Maneskin are preparing to debut their album “Hurry!” which was distributed to over 1.4 billion copies worldwide within a few weeks and was quickly certified gold in France. Parmi les chansons de cet opus, on the open ballad “The Loneliest”, thought how intersection between “love letter, farewell and testament. The charismatic singer’s voice is easy to import. Damiano. This is the essence of the intrigue of the chanson clip:

Lauryn – “Tattoo”

El is also a ganje Eurovision et est maintenant une uncontournable de nos playlists en 2023. La suédoise Loreen est devenue en mai dernier first woman and second person to report on Eurovision in two years with “Euphoria” in 2012, etc. “Tattoo” in 2023. This second win will provide international exposure to the hit “Tattoo”, which is compatible today. 600 million streams and this is good 5And chanson de eurovision most popular song of all time !

In “Tattoo” the singer a la voix poissante talks about the breakup of a couple for lequel l’amour reste tout de même Grave à Jamais, get a tattoo over the phone.

David Kushner – “Daylight”

Sa voix a resonne dans le monde entier. “Successes”, David Kushner, “Refusal of social networks and plus accuracy” on TikTok. With the advent of the chanson “Daylight” it quickly becomes planetary hit avec billion streams in the world.

In this song, the American artist awakens that part of a person that is attracted to the shadow and guided by the light. David Kushner also talks about one toxic relationship et de la Difficulty in éloigner.

No. 1 in most of these countries, the chanson “Daylight” has gained a billion plays and is being aired as a video clip. Visionné plus £173 million on YouTube !

Imagine Dragons – “Waves”

Other rock ballad which will be released in wide release in 2023: “Waves” by the American group Imagine Dragons. Written by the Quatuor ensemble, chanson pay tribute to two others : His manager, who suffered from cancer, and friend of singer Dan Reynolds, who committed suicide. Dance “Waves” les “vagues” are important for sadness pour laisser Place a l’espérance et à la Celebration de la vie. The composed chorus of the song “La, da-da-da-da, la, da-da-da-da” sings us alone du baum in the heart.

The song is from the double album “Mercury – Acts 1 & 2”, which features the retro hits “Bones”, “Symphony” and “Enemy”.

Santa – “Popcorn Sale”

Are you selling popcorn? On demand! Pourtant, this chanson is interpreted solo by the singer of the group. Hyphen. Hyphen. afailli ne jamais voir le jour. “Elle n’était pas faite pour recontrer les oreilles des autres à part celles de mes prochesat-elle confié au micro d’Alouette. Since the rest of the Hyphen-Hyphen group aren’t entirely wrong, I share what I hear“.

Derriere la metaphor for selling popcorn if he wants to voluntarily escape from disaster and find comfort in a new world. En écrivant les paroles de this chanson, Santa a eu”envy of the fair that chose de superdimensional pour create a collectible imagination who are we crazy“.

Alors qu’elle chante en anglais avec son groupe, l’artiste s’express en Solo in the language of Molière, she was a source of inspiration for Michel Berger, Veronica Sanson and Mylène Farmer.

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