The cheapest plug-in hybrid you can buy in Spain is from Kia.

One of the main reasons why Kia It has become one of the reference brands, since the Korean brand has a wide catalog of models in our country, in which the main advantage of all of them is the excellent price-quality ratio.

The fact is that the Korean manufacturer has models with a very low price, as is the case with SpicyHe RiverHe Stonic or Sid and at the same time has very best models in terms of technology, such as EB6 And EB9 using average price models such as Sportage, Xceed or Niro This is what makes different drivers consider the Korean manufacturer as a very interesting option.

On the other hand, it is worth noting that, in addition to the presence of a wide catalog with different types of cars and bodies, mechanical diversity on the part Kia This is also one of the main reasons for success. In this sense, the fact that they have a car with the cheapest hybrid engine on the market is a great example of the good work they have done for the brand in recent years.

Kia Ceed Tourer PHEV – a model worth paying attention to

It’s nothing more than Sid In a familiar version Tourerand which has a plug-in hybrid version with 140 horsepower, which allows it to travel more than 40 km in electric mode 100×100 and thus becomes one of the most versatile options for those families who, yes, do not want to know anything like an SUV.

In this case, we are considering a compact car with a body that provides additional load capacity and therefore has a very good level of habitability and boot load, as well as a higher level of driving dynamics compared to models. like Sportage.

The fact that it has a motor with these characteristics allows it to circulate in electric mode 100 × 100 on short daily trips and, especially if we can install a charger at home, significantly reduce consumption and leave the internal combustion engine for long trips. on road and highway, delivering much lower average consumption than combustion engine models or even self-charging hybrids. Added to this is the fact that it has all the advantages of being able to demonstrate Label DGT ZERO, It’s not that there are very few of them.

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