the clinic in Roquetas presents its new services

The Mayor of Roquetas de Mar, Gabriel Amat, accompanied by part of the government team, visited the new facilities Neuromar Clinic. Situated very close to the current day center, they represent an extension of the care for users and their families that is becoming increasingly comprehensive and specialized.

Amat emphasized that “these new offices mean an improvement in the services offered in our city. Everything that can be improved quality of life and well-being from our neighbors and elders are welcome.” This new Neuromar space includes speech therapy, neurology and nutrition services.

In addition, two intensive care units are dedicated to the treatment dementia and other neurodegenerative diseases, as well as a specialized stroke department. These services are designed for users to attend two to five days a week at varying times.

The goal is nothing less than intensive treatment of the early stages of dementia through activities in the fields of neuropsychology, physiotherapy and occupational therapy. Likewise, Neuromar added transport service to facilitate access to your facilities.

A virtual reality

During the visit, there was a demonstration of two innovative technologies recently introduced at the clinic. The first is cognitive rehabilitation through virtual reality, intended for patients with dementia who have difficulties with executive functions. This method allows patients to perform basic tasks such as cooking, washing, placing items and understanding orders using virtual reality glasses that simulate different home scenarios such as the kitchen, living room and garden. The results were very positive, especially in patients with stroke and dementia in initial states.

The second method is stimulation and rehabilitation using computerized systems using a computer program. Neuron up. This method focuses on cognitive stimulation of functions such as speech, attention, reading, writing, executive functions and memory. Large touchscreen computers are used to make it easier for older people to use, allowing for detailed error analysis and the preparation of customized programs, as well as the submission of homework assignments. Thus, they prepare a weekly program so that users can continue their rehabilitation without leaving home.

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