The Coalition will test the Gears collection while continuing to develop its new intellectual property.

For some time there have been rumors about a collection of games from the Gears saga from The Coalition. According to new data, The Coalition will test the Gears collection, since these games are expected to be updated, as happened with the games in the Halo franchise. The podcast claims that the Coalition will be working on this collection, which will enter an internal testing phase while other work continues.

And it seems that Gears 6 theory fails a bitsince that other project that is cited seems to indicate that the new IP which has also been thought about for quite some time. Perhaps they simply wanted to emphasize this project more than other issues that assume the Coalition is operating.

The Coalition will be conducting tests on the Gears collection, where employees will begin testing the games.

The latest Riskit4theBiskit podcast offers this information at one point as they focus on talking about some of Xbox Game Studios’ projects for the next Xbox Developer Direct. It is stated that The Coalition will conduct tests of the Gears collection, where employees themselves will be able to access tests of these games to assess their status for possible launch. In some sense, the proximity of this event seems to require something other than what has been officially confirmed, and one of the possibilities that is being taken into account is just that.

Perhaps they are trying to assume that we will see it. The Gears Collection or Marcus Fenix ​​Gears Collection at the Xbox Developer Direct on January 18th. There is no way to know what stage of testing this information is in if it is true. What is known is that there is a clear intention to re-release all the Gears of War games in a collection of games. just like it was done with Halo. This “Gears of War MCC” will be a collection that aims to bring together all the classic games and see them updated or potentially remastered.

The truth is that these kinds of initiatives are very well thought out, although there are other games whose remastering or reconstruction may require more attention. We must not forget that not so long ago there was a good remaster of the first game. Making a pack with everyone, like a collection, is also a very attractive idea for those who did not have the opportunity to enjoy one of the best Xbox sagas.

But with all that said, it might be more interesting to see what the future of projects related to this new IP or a possible Gears 6 might be. We can’t deny that, considering The Coalition is a studio that loves to investigate given the latest technology, what your next Unreal Engine 5-powered projects will be might be more appealing. We will be closely following news of this study as it is one of those that has earned the respect and prestige that allows it to be among Xbox Game Studios gems.

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