The College of Physicians fears that the project of the Faculty of Basurto will be parked

The new Faculty of Medicine is planned to be built on this plot attached to the Basurto hospital, where there is now a car park. / LUIS ANGEL GOMEZ

He calls on the Basque institutions to make an “effort” so that the new building becomes a reality in the coming years

The news of another delay in the start of the works of the new Faculty of Medicine of Basurto have revived old fears in the College of Physicians of Bizkaia. To the point that the entity is very concerned that the one-year delay recognized by the UPV/EHU may end up being longer and the project be parked ‘sine die’. The rector of the public university, Eva Ferreira, assured in an interview with this newspaper that after the withdrawal of the companies that had to build the building due to the rise in construction costs, she hoped that the new faculty could open “in the course 2025/2026”, one year later than planned.

It is for this reason that the president of the Biscayan doctors, Cosme Naveda, urges the Basque institutions to commit themselves so that the new faculty does not suffer further delays. In the College, he acknowledges, there is “concern and concern” with this issue. «Ghosts from the past reappear in a project that has been waiting for almost forty years. One after another, previous attempts hit deadlock. Our fear is that the same thing could happen now, since it rains on wet. For this reason, we ask all the institutions involved to focus their efforts on its urgent realization”, indicates Naveda.

The project for the new building, planned next to the Basurto hospital on a 5,200 square meter plot, has been stopped after the winning companies gave up carrying out the work “due to the rise in production costs”, as detailed last August from the UPV/EHU. The 53 million that the Basque Government contributed to finance these works were, in the opinion of the construction companies, insufficient to pay for the designed action.

In this way, the star project of the Basque University for this decade was paralyzed. Now the academic entity is immersed in a study to determine how much to raise the bidding budget. The rector Eva Ferreira is confident that, despite these setbacks, the project will only accumulate one more year of delay and the new academic building will be able to open its doors for the 2025/2026 academic year

Cosme Naveda expresses the feelings of the Biscayan doctors and hopes that “this new temporary break, one of many since the idea of ​​creating a Faculty of Medicine in Basurto began to take shape, will be nothing more than that and will not become a failed and forgotten project since, in addition to harming future medical professionals, who would really be harming the citizens and the quality and prestige of the Basque health system».

The Bizkaia College of Physicians make it ugly that the current faculty, with its headquarters in Leioa and the Basurto Teaching Unit, “are the only buildings in the entire UPV/EHU that have not been renovated since their construction.” “Its facilities are in a precarious situation in Leioa and out of use in Basurto,” they criticize. Even so, “all its professionals have continued to contribute and measure up to a very high recognized level, which has resulted in the excellent training of Medicine students that they have welcomed in their battered classrooms.”

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