The Colombian dollar started the year higher at $74 and closed at $3,896.


The dollar closed at an average of $3,896, up $74.11 from the market representative rate (TRM), which closed at $3,822.05; This comes as Treasury yields rise, highlighting US jobs data, as well as European inflation data this week, which sheds light on central bankers’ next moves.

The uptrend continued throughout the day, reaching a high of $3,918.00 and a low of $3,874.30. At closing, 1,303 transactions were concluded for a contract volume of $817,965,000.

The Japanese yen, euro, Brazilian real and Brazilian peso showed negative movements today, with the Japanese currency closing with a change of -2.6010%.

Behavior of oil

Changes in oil have been recorded due to situations that have occurred in the Red Sea. The US-led coalition seeking to reduce tensions in the Red Sea has so far failed to carry out planned coordinated actions.

That helped oil prices fall nearly 2% as major shipping lines began returning to the Red Sea.

US WTI crude oil futures fell US$1.03, equivalent to 1.4%, to US$73.08 a barrel. Oil prices fell nearly 2% on Wednesday as major shipping companies resumed operations in the Red Sea.

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