the Concacaf team that appears on the scene as an option for Zidane for the 2026 World Cup


the future of Zinedine Zidane remains an unknown. Months go by and the coach continues without a team. Now that it is known that Didier Deschamps will continue to lead France that door is closed.

Zidane reveals what he is willing to do for his wife’s love

The newspaper L’Equipe This Saturday, he points out the options that ‘Zizou’ would have on the table and a selection from Concacaf appears on the scene.

Zidane He does not hide that his goal is to lead his country’s squad one day. “I want to, of course, and I will be, I hope, one day. When? It’s not up to me. But I want to close the circle with France. If it has to happen, it will happen when it happens. Once again, it’s not up to me. The French team is the most beautiful thing there is, ”she said when she turned 50.

Brazil Y Portugal are the selections linked to the French DT and the most recent one, published by the aforementioned medium, is nothing more than USA.

Zidane managed to win three consecutive Champions League as manager of Real Madrid.

“Zizou is very loved and respected in Brazil,” he explains L’Equipewhich posits the possibility as real now that Deschamps has renewed.

And they remark: “The experience in charge of another team that is not ‘Les Bleus’ is not very amusing at the moment”. In addition, they say that the language barrier is important.

United States on stage

Secondly, L’Equipe publishes that the North American team would be an option for the 2026 World Cup. The combined stars and stripes will arrive with an ambition to finish the work started and shown in Qatar-2022 with a very young squad.

It should be remembered that the continuity of Gregg Berhalter is in doubt after the scandal that arose this week. USA investigate the coach for domestic violence and for now he is Anthony Hudson taking his place as interim.


Regarding clubs, the Juventus dreams of having Zidane, although at the moment it is not on the agenda. The Italian team has redirected the situation with eight wins in a row under the command of Allegri.

In it psg They also do not rule out his arrival in the future: “They dreamed of him in the spring. Especially the Emir of Qatar, Tamim ben Hamad Al Thani, who holds him in very high esteem.” L’Equipe indicates that there are things that must change in the Parisian club for ‘Zizou’ to accept.

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