“The consequences of war are especially cruel for women and girls”

Armengol: “The consequences of war are especially cruel for women and girls”guillem bosch

Deputy Congress President, francina armengol, The Conference of Presidents of the EU Parliaments opened in Palma with an event this afternoon With 18 presidents and vice presidents In which she gave a speech focusing on the need for more women in positions of power to “continue expanding and normalizing” the presence of politicians in the highest echelons.


The inauguration included the participation of Mallorcan actress vicky againScientist and Astronaut Candidate Sara Garcia and founder of StockCrowdIn miriya badiaWho told the attendees about their experiences and impressions as successful women in their respective fields.

Armengol has condemned “Political Violence” Many women today suffer from “sexist comments, sexual harassment or abusive speeches”, so that women “Look less confident” In the execution of their work.

Participants at the opening ceremony of the Conference of Presidents of the Parliaments of the European Union in Palma

Furthermore, he reminded that Europe is currently facing important challenges such as the war in Ukraine “Protecting the Peace” The arrival of immigrants in Palestine or on the shores of Cyprus: “The consequences of the war are especially cruel to women and girls,

In this sense, she claims that greater participation of women contributes to making political solutions to conflicts more permanent and stable: “If many women enter, politics changes for the better, We have to implement a culture of equality as a reference.” For this reason, she has stressed that giving women a voice is a “duty” and has justified all those who “they broke glass ceilings And eliminate sticky floors.

Photos | National Police equipment for the Summit of Presidents of the European Parliaments in Palma



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