The conversation revealed Soto Grado admits he should have expelled Rodrigo for slapping: “It’s a very clean red” | Relief

Manuel Amor

Cameras Super 8program DAZN, captured an interesting exchange between Soto Grado and Real Madrid players during a match against Las Palmas last Saturday. The match, as usual, was controversial when the referee only resolved the situation with a yellow card when Rodrigo struck Alvaro Valles in the fifth minute. Despite the fact that local players urgently asked the Brazilian to leave the field, Riohan ruled out the possibility of expulsion and Prieto Iglesias decided not to correct him from VAR.

However, in the midst of the crash The field referee admitted that the striker’s red card was “very clear” before protests from white players.admitting his error in judgment. confession This happens after Captain Nacho approaches the referee in the dressing room tunnel after talking to Rodrigo: “Nothing, he tells me that you give him a card for pushing and that the goalkeeper too…”. Soto Grado answers briefly: perhaps after seeing the action on television: “It’s very clear, it’s red.”

Nacho couldn’t believe it: “But that’s because… but… how will it be red? How red will it be?” Carvajal, another strong man in the locker room, also chimed in. “He gets provocative when the other (Valles) pushes him. It’s okay that you say, ‘the other one (Rodrigo) is on the edge,’ but the other one (Valles) is the one who starts the conflict, right?” . Soto Grado ends the conversation with a curt “yes.”

Allowing the game to be played with a red card would have dramatically changed the fate of the game. This happened in the 5th minute, when Rodrigo faced a fantastic intervention from the goalkeeper, who prevented him from going one on one after a pass from Ceballos. They then got into a fight, with the Las Palmas goalkeeper trying to push him away and the winger doing the same, giving him a sort of slap. Valles initially stood up, but quickly fell to the ground and Soto Grado stopped play to help him.

Interestingly, the referee showed the Brazilian yellow… although he did not see the incident. He had his back to the action, waiting for the rebound that Real Madrid and Las Palmas were fighting in the three-quarter area. Subsequently, he wrote the following in the protocol: “In the 5th minute, player (11) Rodrigo was cautioned for the following reason: hitting an opponent.”

Prieto Iglesias from Las Rozas felt that sending off the Real Madrid striker was not enough. Or perhaps he trusted the on-field umpire’s decision as it was a gray and interpretive game. In fact, the video refereeing protocol presented at the time stated that in those games in which the referee could make a decision on the field without a clear or obvious error, no intervention would be required.

Over time, this philosophy faded in favor of more interventionist technologies, although this always depends on the judges who are in the VOR room. Similarly, Hernandez Hernandez came to correct Hernandez Maeso in games that were difficult to see or interpret at Real Almeria, and on Saturday Prieto Iglesias chose not to interfere and respect the criteria of his field partner.

The rules of the game are as follows:

“If a player uses or intends to use excessive force or cruelty against an opponent when he is not challenging for the ball, or against a teammate, a member of the coaching staff, a member of the refereeing team, a spectator, or against any other person, whether contact occurs or not, this action will be considered violent behavior.

In addition, the act of a player who, without challenging the ball, intentionally strikes an opponent or any other person on the head or face with his hand or arm will be considered violent conduct unless the force used is minor.”

Manuel Amor

Manuel Amor is a native of Ferrol, he studied journalism at the University of Valladolid and grew up exposed to different media from a very early age. In El Progreso or El Norte de Castilla he published

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