The cost of an internship in medicine: benefits for the student

Medical students.

43,000 medical students begin to make a difference throughout Spain with the change of year. From January 1, 2024, medical students undergoing internship will begin to contribute to the social security fund. This is how he puts it together Royal Decree 2/2023 of 16 Marchin which the system includes students carrying out educational practice or external academic practice included in the training programs.

This change will affect all autonomous communities and both the state and universities will be responsible for its implementation. This measure will mean impact on retirement these future healthcare workers who will have increased paid time, even if they continue to receive no compensation.

The government will spend 95 percent of the budget on providing internships, while the remaining 5 percent and all management and advertising will go to the universities themselvesgenerating one hundred percent that will be reintroduced into the government treasury, into the social security system.

This measure also affects the remaining students of the faculties of health sciences who are undergoing internships, as in the case Nursing, Psychology or Physiotherapist Studentsamong the others.

News about student contributions

As explained by the dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Zaragoza, Javier LanuzaTo Medical letter, “these students will emerge as another 400,000 young contributors to Social Security.” This will be effective for both academic and extracurricular practices outside the university or those that can be carried out in the summer.

The student will not have any remuneration“, they are simply going to make a social security band 7 contribution, which is equivalent to an administrative assistant, approximately 1,260 euros, with that contribution,” he pointed out.

Reaction to quotes

The State Council of Medical Students (CEEM) considers it necessary regulation at national level their positions in external educational practice in medical centers through Medical student status in practice.

In his opinion, “this provision should establish the rights and responsibilities of medical students, including other medical specialties, in their clinical practice, as well as the rights and responsibilities of practicing teachers and medical personnel. And for this it is necessary determine the legal framework of the trainee figure with their civil and criminal liability,” said Aleix Malia, vice president of training at CEEM.

For their part, the deans agree with the students that the listed practices are not a limiting factor. Lanuza stressed that they will take over the management of medical faculties, but rejected obstacles to possible complications in entering into new agreements or maintaining existing ones. “Administrators must remember that hospital education is fundamental and necessary for students. cannot be reduced. But I think that, as proposed, there will be no problems and This should not mean any additional cost to students when registering.“, he said.

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