‘The country is beautiful, but we are losing it’: Government criticized over apparent escape of nickname ‘Fito’ Security news

“Press. (Daniel) Noboa, the country is beautiful, but we are losing it, take control! (sic), former presidential candidate Jan Topic said this Sunday, January 7, in the absence of Adolfo M. aka said after confirming Fito and leader of the criminal organization Los Choneros in the Guayaquil regional prison.

Police entered the prison and “they did not find the prisoner,” commander Cesar Zapata confirmed. This fact generated anger and critical reactions against the government.

“With the exodus of surnames Fito Edwin Ortega, a representative of the Gente Buena political movement, questioned, “You (referring to the president) officially hand Ecuador over to the gangs.”

Former vice presidential candidate Andrea González criticized the suspension of the national channel, scheduled for 7:00 p.m.: “It is not acceptable. We knew that one of the challenges for the new president was effective communication, which Lasso did not have. What happens in the Communications Secretariat? Do they understand the importance of their role?”

Who is nicknamed ‘Fito’, the kingpin whom the government did not find in the regional jail during the operation

José Serrano, Minister of the Interior and former Assembly member during the Rafael Correa regime, was one of the first to mention the migration of surnames. FitoThis Sunday at 2:00 pm: “Run away aka FitoThey left the most dangerous criminal in jail (the rest have been murdered or given early release).”

Three hours later he said “Sail o’suite room‘Where does he stay?’ Fito “They found it absolutely ‘clean’: it was time to ‘pack up’ all the criminal’s belongings.” And, moreover, he denied the death of the prisoner.

Given this information, users criticized Serrano for alleged access to “reserved” information. The former MLA responded to a user: “…I suggest you do not confuse civil information with confidential information.”

Eight kingpins and ‘middle managers’ in ‘narcotics trafficking service’ in the country

A few minutes before 8:00 pm, the prosecutor’s office reported that it had opened an investigation into the alleged theft of the surnames. Fito From the Guayaquil Regional Prison, where he has been held for most of the last twelve years, since 2011. This is the second time he has gone missing from jail; The first time was in 2013 with other leaders of Los Choneros.

Meanwhile, President Daniel Noboa held a meeting with members of the Council of Public Security (COSEPE) in the Guayas government. “the hunt is on. This was a reserved meeting. We can’t say much,” said one of the government spokesmen. (yo)

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