The creator of ‘The Last Guardian’ could announce a new game very soon

ANDn 2016 one of the great games of our times appeared, The Last Guardianan action and adventure title that was developed by the studio GenDesign and created by smoke ueda, a creator who, even before this game, already enjoyed an excellent reputation, but who established himself with the latter. And during the last hours of 2022, like a rumor of hope, the news began to emerge that Mr. Ueda could be waiting this 2023 to announce a revolutionary new title.

How did Fumito Ueda announce his new game?

And the question that will follow this is, Why is the news of his return causing such a stir? The last GenDesign game took ten years to develop, and was actually started by the Team Ico studio to make this possible. Since then, this studio has not released any other game, but they have shown signs of working on a new title. And what is most striking is that it seems that this game will be made with money from Epic Games.

Nothing specific was said about that new title. All that is known emerged from an interview for the famous Japanese electronic entertainment magazine, Famitsu, which contains a segment where various game developers share their New Year’s resolutions. Among them, Ueda’s statement appeared in which he assures that he hopes that GenDesign reveal a new title this 2023.

All we do at GenDesign is work hard and finally be able to announce something, so please give us your support.“said the video game creator. However, this was only Ueda’s purpose and that should not be considered an official statement. Although, of course, if such a recognized medium already said it, perhaps it is the type of deadline that would he missed his team.

What will be the next game of Fumito Ueda?

As we said, there isn’t much information about it, but GenDesign has dedicated the last few years to releasing several tracks with images. In one of them a brilliant woman is seen sitting on a pedestal while the hand of a giant rests next to her (the image is known as “beauty and the Beast“). Apart from that, they have only shown one image of the GenDesign games to date, and in it you can see a boy next to a ship, which does not correspond to another title.

you played The Last Guardian?

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