The criticism of the daughter of Johnny Depp against Amber Heard

ANDthe trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard resumes next Monday 16 of May and while the day arrives, many are the media and followers of the actors who review every minute of the previous sessions to highlight details that could go unnoticed or statements long ago and involving the protagonists. Among them is the actor’s daughter and what she came to write when her father’s relationship began to worsen.

Lily Rose Depp has decided to move away from all media focus during the trial and make statements, however, the fans have found a publication of his from 2016 on his personal Instagram account in which he talked about the unfortunate misunderstandings between Depp and Heard. Yes, this post has disappeared from her profile.

Lily-Rose Depp speaks out on social media

“My dad is the sweetest, most loving person I know, he has been nothing but a wonderful father to my brother and everyone who knows him will say the same.” Next to the message you see a picture of a young Johnny helping Lily-Rose, who was just a baby, to learn to walk.

Beyond being a normal message dedicated to his father, it is noteworthy that I wrote it in May 2016. Just when Amber’s first accusations were released did the actor and that they have ended up in this trial.

The bad relationship of Lily-Rose Depp and Amber Heard

The actress has repeated over and over again in the trial that got along with the actor’s children and that she was worried about them because of this trial. However, according to his own Johnny Depp during the trial, her daughter did not attend her wedding with Amber because of the bad relationship between the two “My daughter, Lily-Rose, did not come to the wedding. She and Miss Heard were not on particularly good terms, for various reasons.”

Interestingly, although all this started in May of that year, in January 2016, were seen together at a public event Johnny with his daughter and Amber Heard, emphasizing Lily-Rose’s presence in the former couple’s relationship.

Who is Lily-Rose Depp’s mother?

Lily Rose Depp is the result of courtship between Johnny Depp and the French singer, actress and model Vanessa Paradise. She is the eldest daughter of this relationship, since the actor and the singer had another son John ‘Jack’ Christopher Depp III, three years after the birth of the firstborn (1999).

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