The Cuban dissident army urged “the overthrow of the current mafia regime and an end to the long night of totalitarianism”.

Former Cuban President, Raul Castro, and President and First Secretary of the Cuban Communist Party, Miguel Diaz-Canel (Reuters/Alexandre Meneghini)

He Cuban Movement of Military Conscientious ObjectorsCreation of a dissident group by senior officials of the Armed Forces and the Cuban Ministry of the Interior, condemned the dictatorial plans of Miguel Diaz-Canel To maintain power after the death of Raul Castro and urged citizens to “overthrow the current mafia regime and end the long night of totalitarianism in Cuba.”

In a paper published on Sunday and distributed by the NGO cuba 21st centuryThe group made a harsh assessment of the political and economic situation of the island, where “A new elite class (…) has seized royal power And have turned a blind eye to the basic needs of food, health, housing, education, public order and other essentials which this Constitution formally protects.”

“The Cuban people are suffering from Totalitarian dictatorship of mafia oligarchy, parasitic and irresponsible who protects only its own interests,” he writes. “The rest, starting with the Communist Party itself, the government, the National Assembly and the courts, are pure scene and scenario.”

The group is composed of both exiled military personnel (such as former Chief of Air Staff) Rafael del Pino) And others who remain anonymous within the island assure that people close to the central core of the new Cuban elite “are”“Convinced Raul Castro will die in 2024.” And they “evaluate options to eliminate any potential leaders who might stand in the way of their aspiration to maintain control of power.”

,The Castro Espin family and those close to them are preparing to begin a new purge, even before Raul dies. “To remove from the environment those who, because of their historical trajectory, reputation, level of information and/or command of troops, could interfere with their objectives,” they condemn.

Faced with this situation, the dissident army refers to Article 4 of the Cuban Magna Carta and recalls that “Rebellion is a present constitutional right.”

“It is legitimate for the Cuban military and civilians national liberation committee “And invoke Article 4 of the nearly expired 2019 Communist Constitution to overthrow the current mafia regime and end the long night of totalitarianism in Cuba,” he writes.

The dissident army reminded citizens that “rebellion is a present constitutional right.” (AP Photo/Ismael Francisco)

“We do not call for a military coup, but for a move from law to law”, he explains. “We do not desire violence nor do we call for it, but how change happens depends on the oppressors, not the oppressed. they can choose the path of czechoslovakia And poland or that of romania,

Similarly, the disgruntled army gives a Roadmap with steps to be adopted after overthrowing the current regime. The proposals include implementing a set of basic provisional rules to replace the 2019 constitution and establishing a commission to prepare free elections and draft a new democratic constitution.

,From the first day of the end of totalitarianism, the freedom of more than a thousand political prisoners can be immediately returned, as well as ending deportations and discrimination for ideological reasons,” he says. “Practice of Complete freedom and economic initiative For all Cubans without exclusion, food production and public health will soon recover and an emerging plan can be implemented to support the most vulnerable sector of the population, along with other urgent tasks.

“Liberation from totalitarian rule,” they conclude, “will allow the country to develop with the most modern technologies and thus ultimately incorporate Cuban society into the new information age of the 21st century.”

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