The Curiosity rover captured video showing the sun rising and setting on Mars.

The video, called Curiosity’s 12-hour view of Mars, captured in detail the sunrise and sunset on the red planet. (@MarsCuriosity)

He Curiosity Rover belonging POT recorded an impressive result slow motion video which shows the 12 hour period of the day in Mars. This material was captured by cameras Khazkams a shadow has revealed itself in a black-and-white image of the rover Curiosity moving along the surface of Mars. This recording was made on November 8, 2023, which corresponds to the 4002nd sol of the mission in Marswhose days are slightly longer than on Earth.

A sample video called “Curiosity: 12-hour view of Mars” (View Mars at 12 o’clock Curiosity), consists of a sequence of images taken over a Martian day of 24 hours, 37 minutes and 22 seconds, namely from 5:30 to 17:30 local time. Marsas published FoxNews. Among the published videos is one depicting a valley in Mount Sharpwith the shadow of the rover and its robotic arm approximately 2.1 meters protruding at sunrise.

wrong appearance photographs are the result of 11 years of accumulation Martian dust in camera lenses. ABOUT all-terrain vehicle dimensionsIts length is about 3 meters, width 2.7 meters and height 2.1 meters. In one of the paintings time intervala small black spot was briefly seen and disappeared, which can be interpreted as a result cosmic ray exposure camera sensor.

The official account for the Curiosity rover posted a video accompanied by a playful message: “Look, I’m a sundial! Well, not really, but I was able to enjoy my surroundings.” (X: @MarsCuriosity)

These pictures were taken during Curiosity remained motionless for solar conjunction from Marswhere instructions to document these images were part of the last set of commands sent to the rover before connection, and at this time Sun is between Earth And Marsexplained POT in statements collected NDTV.

During Martian solar conjunctionwhere commands to Mars rovers are limited due to communication difficulties, was used Khazkams for these grips. Official account Curiosity Rover shared the above video on social media X, adding: “Look, I’m a sundial! Well, not really, but I was able to enjoy my surroundings.”

He Curiosity Rover belonging POT was launched in November 2011 and landed in August 2012. Curiosity drove about 32 kilometers Mars and collected more than 1.1 million images. Its mission is to evaluate past habitability belonging Gale Craterpreviously considered dry lake. During its journey, the rover collected 39 soil samples for scientific analysislooking for clues about the possibility that Mars there will be a house microbial life.

The Curiosity rover has extensively explored the geography of Mars, providing valuable scientific data and insight into the planet’s former habitability. (Archive)

This audiovisual document not only provides impressive views of the Red Planet, but also serves as an educational Martian meteorology and dustimportant aspects to better understand the environment of the fourth planet solar system and plan future missions.

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