The dark side of a good Hollywood star

On the occasion of a foray into the halls May December Todd Haynes, voiced a preliminary study of the career of Natalie Portman, a Hollywood actress in a paired career and without mistakes… Ou presque.

After childhood, Natalie Portman forged the most exemplary of Hollywood carriers. Halo for success a lion In 1994, the actress’s aura never gave up, Quels ques que soient les roles dans lesquels elle a su s’illustrer, Queen Amidala in prelogue star Wars in the style of a classical dancer black Swan (a performance that won an Oscar for Best Actress in 2011).

Today on the poster May Decembera film by the brilliant Todd Haynes that satirizes his beauty-level image, Portman brings a clear and ironic take on parkour that is very much like parfois…

Pourtant, sa carrière si immaculée ne s’est pas déroulée sans contraintes, sans risques ou même sans obsessions plus my caches and entertainment. As a public figure within the strict rules of industry, Portman is his own time-period imposter who operates within the confines of politics. Success that results from huge random upheavals, or just reward for hard work? Ou les deux? When she was in front of Winona Ryder, Judith is reborn in the video ce parkour is beyond the normand also an example of this elaborate orchestra.

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