The Day Before briefly returned to Steam, but it was a scam

The day before became one of the most absurd stories of 2023. Sometimes accused of being a rip-off, the action, MMO, and survival game ended up being a flop: not only did it not live up to quality expectations, but the studio closed four days after launch, was taken off sale, and had its servers shut down. This week, a new scam tried to take advantage of all the controversy.

Last few days The day before It looks like it’s back on Steam and at a much more affordable price than the original, around 6 euros instead of 40 euros. Is someone trying to restore the project? No, the reality is that it was an imitation. Players confirmed that until recently the login page belonged to another game. Carrot catwhich, in turn, had links to a hypothetical GTA Brazil.

Valve has taken action on this and deleted ad on Steam. This, we believe, is the last nonsense in history The day beforea game that promised to combine action and exploration Division with a post-apocalyptic world Last of us and survival DayZ. Overly ambitious for an indie studio without a great track record, accused of misleading advertising and a near-runaway with early-day sales – which, fortunately, did not happen: the money was returned.

Former employees spoke about the pointlessness of the development

At the beginning of the month, some Fnastic employees told how the creation of the game went: unpaid labor, “volunteers”, fines and no restrictions when it comes to plagiarizing any successful AAA project.

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