The day Jose Fernandez portrayed Miguel Cabrera and became stable

Miguel Cabrera And Jose Fernandez They faced each other three times during the match. Major League.

Specifically on Wednesday, April 6, 2016, individuals were seen Detroit Tigers And Miami Marlins. The collision took place at the stadium Marlins Park from Little Havana. In front of 17,833 people present, the only game took place in which Miguel Cabrera And Jose Fernandez they collided with each other.

The Cuban right-hander made the starting lineup for the locals. Meanwhile, the Venezuelan started at first base and took third place in the lineup.

In the first inning Fernandez He got three outs on a groundout while throwing. Apparently he ended the time out on Cabrera. At the beginning of the fourth episode, he had to open the round. Venezuelan. On three balls and two strikes, the right-hander hit the ball home at 84.5 mph. The ball hit the area bordering the outside corner and went down. Judge Kevin Danley sang a note. So, Jose Fernandez He prescribed a second afternoon punch Miguel Cabrera.

Miguel Cabrera’s Revenge in Miami

In the sixth inning, he returned to the box with one out, a runner on first base, and the score two-nil in favor of Detroit. With one ball and two strikes, he hit a high 95.6 mph fastball. He had a clear line between the first and the second. The ball was released at 103.6 mph and easily sailed into the outfield. Thus, they struck the first of two strikes in the game. This was the only time he reached base against a Cuban.

In total, the matchup between these two was 3-1 with two outs and one out. The only match in which they met was won by the visitors Miami in the second game of the 2016 season. Major League Baseball. Two legends about Marlins face.

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