The Day (Netflix): An adaptation of the film series starring Anne Hathaway to finally announce the gang

Just in time for Valentine’s, a new romance series will be released today on February 8, 2024 on Netflix. Adapted from the bestselling novel by David Nicholls, the series follows the iconic film starring Anne Hathaway.

Un jour en série: de quoi va parler this new adaptation for Netflix?

Deja was filmed in 2011. day This is an eternal romance that, after a long-running film, will lead to its own series. The premiere season of the series, streaming on Netflix on February 8, 2024, will consist of four episodes and will explore the love story and relationship of Emma and Dexter. Everything, as in the 2011 film, the intrigue is centered on the pledge that will unite two young students “pendant plusière-annes”, à chacune de leurs retrouvailles le 15 juillet. Ce jour-ci, in 1988 Emma Morley and etc. Dexter Mayhew Fêtent la fin de leurs études universitaires. This day marked the meeting and debut of a relationship that developed between moments of joy and hair, but was built on the basis of the author’s beautiful love and friendship. Times pass and destinations fluctuate: I miss the different routes that were taken and the fact that they end every day to return back. Could this new adaptation end up as an ensemble or individually?

Un jour, it’s today love story also simple and beautiful, touching and detached, talking about love, but also about the essence of friendliness and affection, and all this about a long period of Anne’s life. On February 14th, the series will be available on the streaming platform in a few days, so once you watch it, now is the time to watch it in an open segment.

Announcement of the series Un Jour on Netflix

On the other hand, I will play mythical rolesAnn Hataway and etc. Jim Sturgess. The poster for the new Netflix series is here. Ambika Mod who supports the role of beauty Emma Morley after Anne Hathaway, when she became the character of Dexter Mayhew, is Leo Woodall which interprets the young man. “The real stars of British cinema,” two actors who missed out on the premiere project are ready for the comedy 28 years in a comic seriesThis will hurt, available in the south Channel+ she played the role of Shruti Acharya. Son of a cat, celui qui lui donnera la replique dans la romantique Series Un jour est lui aussi bien connu des series lovers can ruin the role of clé in the second season White Lotus, or he is interpreting young Jack. His remarkable work among teachers was worthy of reward. Knows that Leo Woodall also plays in Un jour, surtout quand on sait que David NichollsThe romance at the heart of the best-selling novel is one of the series’ executable products.

Then, later, on the aura of the confident impression of déjà vu and the setting of the romantic episode of February 8, most of all I become a fort on the side, where the aura of streaming gives you the opportunity to experience the story in the realities of the notre era. You might want to watch a new series similar to the original version that Netflix recently released.

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