The DGT will not allow registration of vehicles that do not have this device starting in July.

There are 36 advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). Until now, all vehicles approved as of July 2022 must have eight such systems, but with July 2024they must equip eight more ADAS.

This technology is integrated into cars. to improve security both the driver and passengers and other road users. Its predictive system and quick action are key to reducing road accidents.

ADAS Action System

As DGT reports on its website, ADAS operate with varying degrees of autonomy towards the driver and are capable of intervening in various systems of our vehicles: braking system, accelerator or steering, among others.

Among other things, they warn of the vehicle in front moving away or leaving the lane, for example, and in many cases can prevent accidents. They can even detect driver alertness and recognize road signs.

Eight mandatory ADAS starting in July

Therefore, those vehicles approved from July 2024 must be equipped with eight new ADAS. Otherwise, they will not be able to be registered, the DGT reports.

But, What exactly are these new mandatory systems?

These are Drowsiness Detector (DDR), Intelligent Speed ​​Assist (ISA), Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA), Black Box (EDR), Lane Departure Warning (LDW), Emergency Braking System (ESS). , ignition retardant with breathalyzer and seat belt alarm in all seats.

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