The disaster in the coal mine in Siberia

A fire that broke out on Thursday morning inside a coal mine in the Siberian region of Kemerovo, Russia, has become one of the worst accidents in recent history in the country: 52 people have died, including 6 rescuers trapped inside the mine and probably suffocated from gas. C.Like other similar incidents in Russian coal mines in the past years, the fire is due to poor and insufficient safety conditions, often ignored despite scrutiny.

The mine where the fire broke out is located in Listvyazhnaya, in south-central Russia, about 3,000 kilometers east of Moscow. AND almost 400 meters deep and, when the fire broke out, about 280 people were working inside. More than half of Russian coal is extracted from the area where the mine is located.

According to the reconstructions, the cause of the fire was a methane gas explosion caused by a spark. One of the surviving miners, Mikhail Pozdnyakov, told Russian television that he heard the sound of a massive explosion and then couldn’t see anything else.

The smoke from the fire quickly filled all the ventilation ducts, preventing people from exiting and breathing inside the mine. Pozdnyakov, now hospitalized, said the miners inside threw themselves on the ground, and only a few, like him, managed to drag themselves out of the mine.

The relief efforts lasted all day, with the mine still full of smoke and ash. As the day progressed, the death toll rose, including some rescuers, who died suffocated during the rescue operations. The high concentration of coal inside the mine led to the suspension of all rescue operations on Thursday afternoon. About forty people have been hospitalized, four of whom are currently in critical condition.

Ambulance and rescue near the accident site (Governor of Kemerovo region press office photo via AP)

Accidents like Thursday’s are quite common in Russian coal mines and are often attributed to the poor maintenance of the mines themselves. Between 2004 and 2010, more than 200 people died in similar incidents, some of them in the Listvyazhnaya mine.

A Russian government survey of mine safety recently concluded that about 34 percent of the 58 mines that had been audited did not guarantee the safety standards needed to protect miners’ work.

In the Listvyazhnaya mine, in particular, the numerous checks carried out this year had revealed violations of safety regulations on several occasions. The authorities had issued fines, also ordering the suspension of the works. However, the mine was fully operational when the accident occurred. The Investigative Committee, the main Russian investigative agency, has announced that it has arrested the managers of the mine and has opened a criminal investigation into the accident.

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