The domain, surprisingly the first 5 minutes of the film are available


Apparently the surprises in terms of films and theatrical releases are not over, in fact after the arrival of the highly anticipated trailer for Spider-man No Way Home, now it’s the turn of Universal Pictures, the house that holds the rights to Jurassic Park and Jurassic World, which has decided surprisingly to release the prologue of its next film, Jurassic World: The domain, the third chapter of the saga that is part of the history of Jurassic World and set after the disasters of the second chapter, which saw the arrival in circulation of the dinosaurs on the mainland.

Well, surprisingly, a fragment was made available showing the first 5 minutes of the film that will debut in Italy on June 10, 2022, therefore well in advance of the release date, a bit to give a taste of what there is. wait and perhaps also to raise the hype since for some time there has been no more talk of the sequel film of the trilogy dedicated to Steven Spielberg’s masterpiece.

What emerges from the prologue

As already mentioned, the prologue shows the first minutes of the film, which basically picks up from the point where we left off, first showing a sort of parenthesis on prehistory, where the iconic mosquito is shown filling up with dinosaur blood, then becoming the key element that will give John Hammond the opportunity to give life to his theme park, after this short interlude we are catapulted 65 million years later, framing a helicopter chase, where, however, it is not a thief who escapes, but Rexi, the T-Rex who in the second chapter is saved from nerve gas and escapes free in nature, but on dry and civilized land.

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