The exercise for biceps of the young bodybuilder Nick Walker

    The next appointment of Mister Olympia, in December, will be a key date in the career of the young bodybuilder Nick Walker, whom many consider to be the future of the sport and a serious contender for Mr. Olympia in the years to come. Anything short of getting on the podium will be a failure for him, and that’s why he’s training harder than ever to show the best version of himself.

    He is a very compact athlete given his small stature, so he stands out for his gigantic volume, with really gigantic biceps and quadriceps. Joking, it could be said that it is easier to jump over it than to go around it…

    But… how does Nick Walker train his biceps? One of his core exercises is one of our favorites: the Scott Bench Z-Bar Bicep Curl or Preacher Curl. In this video from his instagram account he appears pulling with a relatively moderate weight for him. Lots of reps for great bicep muscle pump and top pump.

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    Scott Bench Bicep Curl Tips

    Armpits well placed on the back of the bench, with elbows glued, and we raise and lower the bar as slowly as we can, thus achieving the greatest muscle congestion possible. Straight back and look forward to power yes. Try not to lock your elbows or help with your shoulders. Zero roll and zero thrust. With this bench and this bar, you can also try the 7-7-7 exercise for your biceps.

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