“The Expats”, Nicole Kidman on the verge of a nervous crisis

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Portraits of three women in the style of “drive”, series “Portrait” Nicole Kidman bypass.

In effervescent Hong Kong, three Americans bitter with life. Young Mercy (Yoo Ji Young) has a dream in life. Margaret (Nicole Kidman) and Hilary (Sarayu Rao), famous rich people, have fun between shopping and cocktails – vernis qui cache un profond mal-être. This family and social chronicle is a black diamond serving careful casting.

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Yoo Ji Young and Sarayu Rao

Yoo Ji Young and Sarayu Rao

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On the screen of the American best-selling novel by Janice Y. K. Lee, Lulu Wang signs the mini-series “Rare Beauty.” Scriptwriters and realists of Chinese-American origin do not make sense to listen to the failures of their heroines and those around them in subsequent destinies. Elle dissèque is also a class understanding between local elites and subordinates, etc. Dresses a beautiful picture that guards an ancient British colony in the environment of 2010.

Nicole Kidman and she are confronted with the unthinkable. Following 2019’s The Farewell, Lulu Wang, Barry Jenkins’ co-creator, continues to explore the themes we love, dual culture and disruption, as well as the impressive portrayal of a cracked-up staff. A subtle analysis of female guilt, a reflection on motherhood, The Emigrants ends in a patchwork of Malmö characters in a leur state. This is a truly fresh unique thing that is the default place for reception. The series is quite good.

Prime Video, after January 26

Prime Video, after January 26

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