The expert named the exact day of the peak of the flu

01/14/2024 at 17:14


The Christmas holidays in Spain have left a worrying mark on health as… the incidence of influenza syndrome has increased significantly during the period from December to January. Taking this situation into account, the Ministry of Health made a decision. reinstate the mandatory use of masks in hospitals and medical centers.

The situation has made many people think When will the flu incidence peak? and a physician specializing in infectious diseases, Vicente Soriano, gave the key answer.

According to Soriano, the spread of the flu began on December 15, and The maximum peak is expected to be reached next Monday, January 15th.

The expert notes that a large number of infections are associated with less movement of people in recent years, which left little residual immunity in the population. In addition, it is emphasized that loss of fear of infection, pInfluenced by the experience of the COVID-19 pandemic, it also contributed to this situation.

Despite the difficult situation, Soriano emphasizes that The influenza A virus has not undergone significant mutations. However, he warns that There is still a “difficult week” ahead.

Regarding prevention, it is emphasized the effectiveness of vaccines against influenza, COVID-19 and respiratory syncytial virus, highlighting its fundamental role in combating winter cold. In addition, it is mentioned that Vaccination had a positive effect on reducing the incidence of bronchiolitis in infants. this winter.

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