The family of former Miss Nicaragua director Karen Celebrati has been expelled from Mexico, according to the opposition

The government of Daniel Ortega released and deported to Mexico this Sunday, January 7, the husband and son of Karen Celebrati, former director of Miss Nicaragua. After being detained for almost two months on conspiracy charges, According to the press and Nicaraguan opponents in exile.

“At this time Martin and Bernardo Arguello is flying in to meet Karen Celebrati,” opposition leader Juan Sebastian Chamorro, a friend of the family, wrote on the social network X.

Arturo McFields, former Nicaraguan ambassador to the Organization of American States (OAS), Joe Ortega, who went into exile in the United States after leaving the government, also said in X that he was “deported” to Mexico, where the celebrity is based.

The Nicaraguan government also did not mention the information disclosed by the Nicaraguan media. La Prensa, El Confidentia, 100%Noticia and others, Who work from Costa Rica.

Former owner of the Miss Universe franchise in Nicaragua She left the country on November 18 to mark the World Beauty Pageant won by Nicaraguan Shanice Palacios in El Salvador.

After the coronation, Celtiber accompanied Palacios on a brief visit to Mexico and, While attempting to return to Nicaragua, Authorities refused her entry and her husband and son were detained in Managua.

Nicaraguan police accused the celebrity and his family of “actively” participating In reference to the 2018 protests against Ortega, “terrorist actions attempting to counter the failed coup”, in which about 300 people were killed according to the United Nations.

“Without evidence, they accused him of “anti-motherland conspiracy”, Carlos Chamorro, a Nicaraguan journalist exiled in Costa Rica, said in X.

After Palacios was crowned Miss Universe, Ortega’s vice president and wife, Rosario Murillo confirmed that the opposition had rigged that victory, He highlighted that the beauty queen had participated in the 2018 protests.

On November 25, the Miss Universe Organization asked the Nicaraguan government Guarantee the safety of people involved in the local competition of the pageant.

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