The Fantastic Four are more alive than ever in this awesome Spdrmnkyxxiii fanart

The Marvel’s First Family It is already making its way to the ins and outs of the UCM. Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness has opened the ban on the announced film starring the Richards-Storm family and Ben Grimm. If by any chance you haven’t seen the movie yet, stop reading.

Stephen Strange’s little trip through the Multiverse took the character of benedict cumberbatch to be in the presence of illuminati. Among the team members we see Charles Xavier or Black Bolt (Black Lightning).

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However, the big surprise would come by teleporting. John Krasinski made his debut as Reed Richards in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

For years, hundreds of fans have asked and imagined what Krasinski would be like as Mr. Fantastic. After Disney’s acquisition of Fox in 2019, Marvel’s First Family was once again under the protection of the House of Ideas.

This implied that the Fantastic Four would have a reboot to get to the MCU. There is a film announced, but the first of its members has not been made to beg. But who will be the actors who play the rest of the family?

Okay, Spdrmnkyxxiii He proposes a new fanart with the certainty that he already has 25% of the guaranteed lineup. Accompanying Krasinski we have Emily Bluntwhose name has sounded ad nauseam as Sue Storm.

Dacre Montgomery will be that art like Johnny Stormwhile The Thing, Ben Grimmappears generated by computer, without being able to say for sure who would voice the character.

Of course, with the exception of Krasinski, there’s no word on who will be playing the other three members of the Fantastic Four. Blunt said at the time that she was “annoyed” by the insistence on asking her about it. But, her husband has not done her much favor, she now has Reed Richards at home.

Who do you think will accompany John Krasinski in the UCM as The Fantastic Four? Will the actor and director convince his wife to get on the marvelite train?

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