The federation released the VAR audio after the dispute between Real and Almeria: “Vinicius hits him on the shoulder”

Hernandez Maeso explains to the Almeria players the reasons behind Vinicius' goal (REUTERS).
Hernandez Maeso explains to the Almeria players the reasons behind Vinicius’ goal (REUTERS).

The two great heroes of the Real Madrid-Almeria team were Hernandez Maeso and Hernandez Hernandez.. Namesakes by surname and responsibility. The first is as a field referee, and the second is as a VAR. Both had three almost consecutive conversations in the second half that changed the outcome of the match. The first was a penalty awarded to Ancelotti’s team due to handball. Kaiki after center Fran Garcia. Almeria called for a possible previous foul, but after review, Hernandez Maeso decided to point to the penalty, which Bellingham converted.

Second VAR call Arribas’ goal was disallowed due to the lack of genesis of the play, and the latter confirmed Vinicius’ goal, tagged shoulder by Hernandez Maeso. It was a day of comebacks, already in a row, at the Santiago Bernabeu. But also the VAR room is overworked this Sunday. It’s rare to see such an ode to the referee’s instrument as happened in the second half of the Real Madrid-Almeria match. And in record time: three reviews in just 23 minutes against the bottom player, whose expedition leaves the capital very angry due to disagreements.

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VAR: Fran, I’m going to recommend on site review so you can assess a possible penalty due to handball by an Almeria defender.

Referee: I’m going to see it.

VAR: I’m going to give you another option with a reverse left. Here it is. We’re going to put it in super slow so you can see. FINE?

Referee: Okay, I’m in front of the screen. Takes place for the defender of Almeria.

VAR: Put another one.

Referee: Perfect. The Madrid player completes the kick and hits the separated hand.

VAR: Perfect.

Referee: FINE? I’m going to call a penalty without a card.

VAR: Come take a look Fran, I recommend scanning the field for a possible offensive foul on a shot on goal. FINE?

VAR: If you want, I’ll show you a wide view so you can see that right from there it all ends in a goal. I’ll show you the point of contact. FINE?

Referee: Post it on speaker, please.

VAR: FINE? So you can see that this is in the same attack phase. The game continues and ends with a goal.

Referee: Therefore, I will call a foul in favor of Real Madrid and not call the goal.

VAR: Let’s get back to action.

Referee: Yes, this is really the beginning of the application.

Madrid and Almeria players got into a fight during the match (REUTERS).
Madrid and Almeria players got into a fight during the match (REUTERS).

VAR: That’s it, that’s it, that’s it. Give me the reverse right. Stop at the point of contact. I recommend doing a field survey so you can evaluate the non-hand and possible non-hand.

Referee: Perfect.

VAR: Hit him in the right shoulder. Fran, I’ll show you, okay?

VAR: Let’s put it super slow. Hit him on the shoulder. You are assessing a possible offensive foul.

Referee: Okay, throw it to me. Give me a point of contact.

VAR: That’s all.

Referee: I signal a goal, there is no violation.

VAR: Okay, play the previous one. That is.

Referee: Great, he hits with his shoulder and it’s a goal.

The reaction from the players on the Indalico bench was ironic laughter., disbelief at everything that is happening. Indalico coach Gaizka Garitano was sent off for a double yellow card for protesting the referee’s decision. “I have nothing to say. He expelled me precisely because I protested a lot. You saw the game and what happened. This is not the first time this has happened here.. My opinion? It doesn’t matter because then we’ll be punished for speaking out, and that’s no use. I didn’t tell him anything, but it’s true that I protested a lot, logically,” he said at a press conference.

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