The first details about the next PlayStation laptop have become known

The leader who leaked the information in question has a good track record of success.

It’s been a long time since PlayStation abandoned the PS Vita, and the company hasn’t dared to make inroads into the handheld console market beyond the PlayStation Portal, so it makes sense that there’s a significant portion of the community that wants to see Sony return to the sector. Well, if you are in the same situation, then in this news I give you information that will interest you. Cause? A well-known insider shared information about what the new PlayStation portable console will be like, which is already in development. I leave you all the details below.

This will be the new handheld console that will launch alongside the PS6.

  • The information comes from a leader known as Moore’s Law is Deadwhich has a lot of success in terms of hardware leaks 👈
  • This ensures that Sony currently working on a new portable console from scratch
  • According to sources, it will belong to what is known internally at Sony as “PlayStation 6 Ecosystem”so it will be released along with PS6 🤔
  • Sony’s goal with all this, launch a less powerful version of PS6 in Japan test how it works there and then start selling it around the world ❓
  • This means that this console is still It would have a few more years left in the oven and, at a minimum, I would say we won’t see it until 2028-2029.

These could be some of the specs of the new Sony laptop.

  • I would AMD chip created specifically for this device
  • Apparently it will have 18 cores so that you can run games for PlayStation 4 without any problems
  • When it comes to PS5 games, some developers claim that Sony plans to release patches for these games so that they work on the console after launch
  • Yes indeed leaker warns console GPU speed could reach 1.8GHz and that the resolution of the games will be much lower than the main platform that was running at launch

What do you think about these leaks? Considering where they came from, they seem quite real; Although it is true, we are dealing with data that may not be officially confirmed for several years. Therefore, I will be keeping a close eye on any news that arises in this regard to keep you updated on how things are progressing.

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