The first season of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League will focus on one of Batman’s most iconic villains.

Last weekend Rock Steady shown through various content creator channels how will he be endgame from Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. Season 0 will focus on Bane, Batman’s supervillain nemesis.

Three sets of Bane Infamy

In the final there will be three three-tier infamy sets different focus on the iconic DC character and The first chosen is Bane. Each of these kits will have accumulative bonus, therefore, the more pieces the player has, the stronger the set will be.

Also shown Villain synergy gained by equipping these Infamy sets. and they leave increases when the condition is met how to kill enemies. It is then used to achieve important benefits.

Raid missions

Game director Axel Ridby, contributed to Discord during a question and answer session, during which he explained that the key point for the study is that the player masters the game in all its aspects, from the character to the mechanics of each mission.

In that endgame will Raid missions in which you first have tocollect promethium by completing missions in Metropolis, and then each player must pay for a teleportation ticket to other alternate universes.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League It will be released on February 2 for PS5, Xbox Series and PC.

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