The five tips from actress Blake Lively to create a successful brand

By Emmy Lucas.

Blake Lively has no interest in lending her name to projects she hasn’t participated in. However, the versatile actress says it took time for her to work up the courage to make her voice heard.

Since participating in the role of Serena van der Woodsen in gossip-girl until creating the line of non-alcoholic drinks Betty Buzz, Hollywood has seen Lively add new titles to her portfolio since her first big job. as an actress in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants in 2005. What is your last role? Being a mother of four children.

Lively attended the Forbes red carpet last Thursday in New York where she showed her pregnancy, revealing for the first time publicly that she is expecting her fourth child. She and her husband, fellow actor Ryan Reynolds, have three girls together.

Lively, 35, says her family drives all her endeavors and endeavors, from motherhood and acting to owning a business.

“I love to create, and as a woman, you are often not given the authorship of what you do”, The actress pointed out at the Forbes Powerful Women Summit 2022, in an interview with the president and editor of Forbes Women, Moira Forbes.

Lively explained that one of the factors that influence this to happen is that many men create the everyday products that women usewhich represent 85% of household purchases in all categories.

“It makes sense for women to create things we want to consume“, he said, “be it physical products or stories.” As Lively makes new movies, he expands his beverage line. In addition, the businesswoman also said that it is important to offer more opportunities to others.

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In that context, these are the tips that Lively shared at the Forbes Women Summit on the creation of brands and how to claim the authorship that corresponds to each one:

Believe in what you are doing and support yourself in it.

“Starting a new business is a lot of work, so you really have to believe in it. You have to be able to back him up and support him when people say no and don’t believe in you.«, he highlighted.

Create something that is missing in the current market where your values ​​are reflected and invest in the quality of the product.

Prioritize quality and conviction.

Lively explained that it’s all about the details. When you meet with business associates, retailers or consumers You must check if your product or service is of quality. “I recognize that I have a great advantage in having the entertainment industry as a kind of microphone or impetus to help promote my businesses, but if the product is not excellent, I could only sell one bottle and nothing else,” he said.

Since Betty Buzz launched in September 2021, the company has sold more than 4 million bottles to date.

Lively advised other entrepreneurs to learn from mistakes and failures and address red flags and problems as they arise. It is difficult to realize that a product you put up for sale is defective.

Although focus and attention to detail can (mistakenly) make women seem difficult to deal with. “Everything comes down to the quality of the product and the convictions that each one has. That is sometimes difficult to deal with because you wonder if you are being difficult with others or too committed to yourself.

Work with people you identify with.

A successful business requires collaboration. What is Lively’s advice? Do not waste time with people who are not worth it.

Choose people who feel they have a voice to foster a collaborative environment with you and people whose values ​​you want to implement in your life. That doesn’t mean that there won’t be challenges, confrontations or friction with them, “but when you work with people with whom there is mutual respect, you free yourself from many emotional problems.”

When Lively chooses a job, always wondering if your time will be valued and well spent, and the metric to measure that is the attitude of the people with whom you share a project. “I’m lucky to be in a privileged position now because it hasn’t always been that way,” she said.

Be yourself unapologetically.

When it comes to new jobs or projects, Lively advises that it’s best to be honest about your needs and goals.although he also admitted that it can be difficult to find the balance between getting a job and getting what you want from it.

“Sometimes you can lose a job, but even if you did it and put in the effort, if that job didn’t fulfill you, then it wasn’t worth it,” he said.

Her first acting roles were all about “getting noticed and looking cute.” Now he advocates greater authorship and involvement in his work, something that is more satisfying to him.

Lift others up along the way.

Part of the creation of content, companies and products, also is to create opportunities for others. One of those efforts is that she is partnering with Grameen America, a nonprofit organization that provides microloans to women living below the poverty line to help them with their businesses.

“It is not only up to women to facilitate the path for other women who need it. It is also up to men to help create those opportunities,” she concluded.

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