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Gino Farfan, Special Envoy to Las Vegas

The new edition of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was dedicated to artificial intelligence. However, this is not all that its participants were able to appreciate; almost all types of technologies were presented at the event held in Las Vegas. Asian brand XPENG presented one of its flying cars.

XPENG showed a new flying car eVOLT Flying, a flying car that allows you to climb a short distance to avoid obstacles. In driving mode, it is a luxurious, exclusive and elegant car, but when you switch it to flight mode, it reveals its propellers.

Photo: Gino Farfan Photo: Gino Farfan

The car presented was prototype, but they hope to bring it to market soon. According to company CEO He Xiaoping, each of these prototypes will be priced in the region of one million yuan, about $140,500, and he expects orders to begin in the second half of 2025.

While testing a car at CES It was not about a car explosion.those present were able appreciate how the car showed off its wings and propellers at the back very elegantly.

In its aerial version, it will become a low-altitude electric aircraft, which will allow both autonomous and manual control, as well as a 270-degree panoramic cockpit for two people. (HEY)

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