The funniest board games you can ask for from the Three Wise Men

The time is coming to write the letter to the Three Wise Men and think about what gifts we want them to bring us. An excellent idea is to ask for a gift that is for the whole family and that you can all enjoy together. Among all the possibilities, one that will unite a lot of you is a board game. There are many types, and some are very suitable for both children and adults. We have made a selection with the funniest board games for the whole family that you can ask for from the Three Wise Men.


the game of ONE

the game of

Mattel’s famous card game is a must at home. Few games are as fun as this and with very simple rules that everyone can learn. The objective is to run out of cards in your hand and shout “UNO” for the game to be considered won. They can play between 2 and 10 players. Price: €10.99


Virus game!

Virus game!

Viruses seem to be part of our day, and beating them in a card game is also a way to deal with them, and a lot of fun too. who wins get rid of viruses and isolate a healthy body. You can achieve it in different ways, but nothing will serve you as well as your cunning. The games are fast, it is ideal for the whole family and it is very easy to explain. Price: €13.99

Trivial Pursuit Family

The Trivial Pursuit Family

The Trivial Pursuit

This version of the famous Trivial Pursuit is designed to be enjoyed by the whole family, including children from 8 years. It poses a fast-paced game, with 2,400 questions spread over 400 separate cards in two decks: one for children and one for adults. It includes the traditional game, a quick play version and the Duel challenge, in which two players compete at the same time for a triangle. The categories of questions that will test you are Geography, Entertainment, History, Sports and leisure, Art and literature, and Science and nature. You can play individually or in teams with the guarantee of having a good time. Price: €38.95

taboo family

The Taboo Family

The Taboo

If you have been addicted to the famous Taboo, you will love this version of the game to enjoy with your children. There are two packs of cards, and one of them is thinking for children: it includes one known word and only two forbidden words on the card. The game consists in that a player must give clues so that his team can guess the greatest possible number of words, never saying the forbidden words. The team that has guessed the most words at the end of the game wins. Price: €28.95



This game is ideal for you all to laugh together. It is a very simple game based on questions that children ask their parents, and vice versa. There are only 8 seconds to answer, so imagination and creativity will be running at full speed. And above all, you are going to laugh a lot the whole family. Price: €24.99

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