The Galaxy S24 Ultra’s anti-glare screen stands out from the competition

We have dozens of companies specializing in the Android smartphone sector, but if we have to focus on the most popular ones, it is Samsung. The South Korean company has gained a large fan base with its Galaxy phones, targeting both the low, mid and high end segments. In the high range we have their newest Galaxy S24 Ultra We have already talked about almost all of their new functions, but left them aside anti-glare screen coatingwhich makes it stand out from the rest.

Over time, the performance of mobile phones has improved with faster processors and graphics. The cameras are another area where improvements over time are clearly visible, but if we had to highlight one of the highlights, it would be the changes to the screens. In the past, when mobile phones were small, they typically had screens no larger than 3 or 4 inches with LCD technology and low resolution. Today we have mobile phones with screens equipped with technology OLED, black cigars, 120 Hz And QHD or higher resolution.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra’s anti-glare screen delivers pure blacks.

The truth is that a high-quality mobile screen is closer in performance to a gaming monitor, albeit at a significantly larger size. Using technologies such as AMOLED has been implemented on mobile phones for many years, although due to outdoor processing it is not fully used”glossy” screens. The glossy surface gives us a little brighter colors and we can also perceive greater brightness. While this makes it ideal for indoor or home use, we will typically use mobile phones outside the home.

Here Sun He can play tricks on our reflexes, and it’s up to us. turn up the brightness much, The battery drains faster. Like consoles like Steam OLED panel offer an anti-glare screen option, Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra also does the same thing. We can see this in a direct comparison of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra with anti-reflective coating on your screen compared to iPhone 15 pro max with “Always on display” function. As we can see, Samsung manages to achieve pure blacks in this test thanks to its screen processing.

The vast majority of smartphones on the market have glossy screens that are prone to glare.

iPhone 15 made in ChinaiPhone 15 made in China

In comparison, the iPhone 15 Pro Max clearly shows the reflection of light and a person, giving a grayish tint to what should be completely black. The vast majority of smartphones use glossy screens without any anti-glare treatment and that’s why it’s strange to see a high-end mobile phone that bucks this trend. There have been reviewers who have already managed to test the Samsung mobile phone, although it won’t officially go on sale until next year. January 31. As stated, the Galaxy S24 Ultra is the only one in the tests that has an anti-glare screen that stands out from the rest.

We’d like to see outdoor comparison with the sun, where the mobile phone is most often used. This is where we will check to what extent the Galaxy S24 Ultra takes advantage. A standard anti-glare screen might seem a bit odd here, but it’s also worth considering that screen protectors can be used to reduce or eliminate reflections on mobile phones, albeit with worse results.

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