the game becomes completely random

An additional challenge that makes this great feat even more difficult.

This month marks two years since Elden Ring went on sale, and players are still wanting to know when they’ll be able to play its future expansion. Meanwhile, all this time we’ve seen them trying to kill time beat the game in really crazy waysHow using Morse codeimitating the character roll on the ground when dodging blows or even setting certain restrictions to make the adventure even more challenging.

Even though the community has seen many anecdotes, it continues to look for ways to accomplish newsworthy feats. Because of this, one player missed out on FromSoftware’s masterpiece. no shocks at any time, which is already surprising, but we have already seen how more than one person has achieved such a feat. However, streamer LilAggy wanted to give this challenge an extra twist to make it more challenging.

This prompted him to use a version of the randomizer, that is, one in which all game elements become completely random. Consequently, this implies that enemies and final bosses do not appear in the same places, so you never know which ones will appear when crossing the wall of fog, so you need to be prepared for any situation that may arise. .

In addition, this randomness factor influences also to weapons, so it is impossible to know where any of them or the most powerful ones are located. One of them may appear as soon as you start, or be hidden during the final stages of the game, as also happens during encounters with various final bosses. And all this without any impact, otherwise we will have to start from the beginning.

Well, after over a thousand attempts, LilAggy achieved her goal and in record time because It only took four hours and 28 minutes.. Of course, luck has a big impact in these types of challenges, especially if Malenia doesn’t show up in the first encounter, but overall skills are still needed for success, and this player has plenty of them.

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