The government convenes a commission to remove Pedro Rocha from the post of President of the Football Federation

The President of the Supreme Sports Council (CSD), José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes, appeared on Tuesday before the Education and Sports Commission of the Congress, which was his first appearance since the Sports Administrative Court proposed this Monday “very serious” sanctions against the president of the manager of the Football Federation ( RFEF) Pedro Rocha and the entire manager who replaced Luis Rubiales after his resignation, for exceeding their responsibilities.

This sanction opens the door for the CSD, the government body, to remove Rocha and his team, leaving the RFEF without clear leadership as Rocha is the only candidate to chair Spanish football’s highest body, which will elect another general assembly in September, which, in its turn, turn, will elect another president for four years. Rocha was due to be proclaimed President of the Federation this Monday, but this was postponed after Miguel Galan challenged his candidacy, the whistleblower of the TAD manager, as well as cases of alleged corruption by Rubiales in the justice system.

Uribes, who appeared voluntarily to talk about his department’s strategy, told Congress that “following the TAD resolution” he would convene the CSD Board of Directors “to make an appropriate decision, since he cannot.” excessive efforts, and the Federation must definitively distance itself from behavior that embarrasses us,” he said. That panel will have to vote on Rocha’s interim suspension until a final TAD decision is made that could disqualify the candidate. The board of directors will have to carry out the suspension by a majority vote.

Rodríguez Uribes also described the situation facing the RFEF as “serious” and indicated that he is in constant contact with FIFA, the international organization of which the RFEF is part: “I expressed our concern and determination to take all necessary measures in a coordinated manner so as not to there was another reputational crisis and correct what is happening now.” In addition, Uribes announced a Code of Good Governance.

Pedro Rocha was announced as the sole candidate to serve out the remaining months of Rubiales’ presidential term last Friday, the same day the judge in Rubiales’ case investigating several corruption cases heard him as a witness and eventually changed his status to accused. On the same day, Pedro Rocha declared his innocence and addressed the support he received from the assembly as a candidate, indicating that he has no plans to resign.

Now, if he is suspended pending the final decision of the TAD, the Federation will be left in a situation of uncertainty with the European Championship and the FIFA World Cup due to be organized in 2030 on the horizon. Rocha can take office and resign to call an election. , something he can also do with the management commission, which remains to be seen whether it will also be suspended. Another option would be for FIFA or Rocha to intervene to challenge the suspension in a court of law. In any case, the future of who will lead the Football Federation currently remains uncertain.

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