The government of El Salvador demolished the monument marking the end of the civil war and Nayib Bukele gave these reasons

government of el salvador This Wednesday the Monument to Reconciliation was demolished, marking the end of the bloody civil war (1980–1992), described by President Nayib Bukele as “Clumsy” And an apology for the compromise between left and right.

Bukele, Currently out of office due to being a candidate for re-electionCelebrated the demolition of what he called “the so-called monument of reconciliation” which, according to him, Criticism of the 1992 peace agreements, symbolizing an “agreement” between former guerrillas and the army Which did not mean welfare for Salvadorans.

,Not only was it aesthetically horrifying, but it also glorified the pact between killers For our people, to share the cake,” he said on the social network X.

is about three bronze statuestwo out of seven meters He was the epitome of a former guerrilla fighter and an unarmed soldier in fatigues.Holding their hands are releasing aluminum pigeons, representing the sides of the past conflict.

The third statue, 12 meters high, is of a mother with outstretched arms, resting on her right finger. A ring that represented a society’s commitment to live in peace,

,Goodbye, blue doll, and everything you represented“Bukele wrote.

Public Works Minister Romeo Rodriguez said this A 2.5 kilometer walkway will be built and will be part of the “New Peace and New Security” As a result of the fight against Bukele’s gangs, all Salvadorans are alive.

The El Salvador government demolished the monument.
The government of El Salvador ordered this Wednesday the demolition of three statues that made up the Reconciliation Monument symbolizing the end of the bloody civil war. (Free Press Photo: Marvin Recinos/AFP)

Under UN mediation, the government and then-guerrillas of the Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (FMLN, left) On January 16, 1992, he signed agreements that ended the civil war that had left more than 75 thousand people dead.7 thousand missing and economic loss worth millions of dollars.

el salvador-monument-destruction
These are three bronze statues, two seven meters tall each symbolizing a former guerrilla fighter and a soldier in fatigues suit, who are unarmed, holding their hands and releasing aluminum doves. (Free Press Photo: AFP)

The Monument of Reconciliation, which was built by the Catholic Church from keys collected in its parishes, It was inaugurated in 2017 along a highway in western San SalvadorFor the 25th anniversary of the end of the conflict, under the FMLN government.

Monument demolished in El Salvador
According to El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele, the statue, in addition to being “aesthetically horrific”, commemorates a “blood pact”. (Free Press Photo: AFP)

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