The highest paid executives in the tech industry, compiled into a simple chart

This says a lot about both some of the leaders and the differences between Asian and Western companies.

The salaries of big tech CEOs show impressive numbers, but there are also quite a few differences between what they earn from each other (in addition to the fact that the distance between their salaries and the salaries of their employees is growing wider). There are also differences between how much CEOs of companies of very different sizes earn.

Because it’s important. Remuneration for top managers reflects not only the performance of their companies, but also the trends and priorities of the technology market. Although there are numbers that are surprising.


The brightest. Sundar Pichai tops the list with a total salary of $226 million, beating everyone else. It’s also an example of how important equity stakes are in these compensations: his net salary is “only” $2 million, 7 if you count other terms. The missing more than 200 are actions.

Broadcom’s Hock Tan also surprises with his pay, topping $160 million, even though his company is orders of magnitude lower than other CEOs with much smaller compensation.

  • Elon Musk shows up with $0 in direct salary, but his stock compensation, in dispute, would make the chart illegible: $56 billion, which has already dropped to $44 billion.

Here you can get a better look at the relationship between some executives’ pay and their companies’ market capitalization.

Asian mentality? Another curiosity that the first graph leaves: the last four CEOs (without Musk) in terms of salary are from Asian companies: twice from Taiwan, South Korea and China.

CEOs of North American companies of similar size, such as Adobe, Salesforce, AMD or Netflix, have much higher salaries.

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