The incredible physical change of Yanfry, the boy who “walks like a man” (VIDEO)

Yanfry Diaz Quinones

Yanfry Díaz Quiñones, is a little 4-year-old boy, born in Istmina, Chocó, who became a trend last year due to a video published by his uncle Bernardo Díaz ‘el venao’, where he is seen “walking like a man ”. The little one touched millions of Colombians with his innocence and sweetness.

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From that moment, Yanfry became a celebrity in social networks. On his Instagram account he has 926 thousand followers and there are several witty and funny videos of the little boy.

Photo: @yanfryeltiernooficial

Little Yanfry, recognized for “walking like a man”, has had to face some health difficulties at his young age, including hypothyroidism and hypoglycemia problems that have caused him some seizures.

Fortunately, thanks to the money he has been able to earn through his social networks, which are managed by an adult, Yanfry has been able to pay for his treatment and improve his quality of life. In addition, the boy has had the support of many people who, since they met him, decided to help him get ahead together with his family.

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