The Incredible Story of the Brand New Toyota Tundra V8, a 4×4 Pickup Truck That Has Traveled 1.5 Million Kilometers (And Isn’t the First to Do It)

For that a huge all-terrain pickup like the one in question exceeds the 900,000 mile barrier, which is close to 1,448,410 kilometers – quickly said – many factors must coincide that, as owners of such a car, should fill us with pride – and satisfaction.

Toyota Tundra with 1.5 million kilometers.

Make it a great car, safe and reliable. The fact that we have kept it in the best condition, which is especially important for such a combat vehicle, which naturally must be subjected to harsh work, such as loading and dragging heavy loads. That due to circumstances we had to travel many kilometers. And luck, why not say that we didn’t have to go to the workshop to fix too complex and expensive breakdowns.

The story in question is even more interesting. Because The owner of this 2014 Toyota Tundra V8 with 1.5 million miles on it already did the same thing a few years ago with another 2007 Toyota Tundra that had over 1 million miles on it.1,609,344 kilometers.

The owner of this 2014 Toyota Tundra with 1.5 million miles has already exceeded 1.6 million miles in 2016 on another 2007 Tundra.

2014 Toyota Tundra (file image)

4×4 pickup truck with high mileage

The story was published by Pickup Truck Talk where, in addition to showing some pictures, they say that this 2014 Tundra Double Cab with the 5.7 V8 engine has always been serviced by an authorized shop and It had no major breakdowns, other than a more than reasonable transmission replacement at 1.4 million kilometers..

Its engine would essentially still be original. And it will have some exterior damage reasonable for its mileage, having suffered, among other things, the effects of Hurricane Ida in 2021, the second most powerful and destructive hurricane recorded in the state of Louisiana, behind only the infamous Katrina. 2005.

The second Tundra with a mileage of more than 1.5 million kilometers

Interestingly, the owner of this Tundra in 2016 already managed to overcome the barrier of one million miles, that is, 1.6 million, with his other Toyota Tundra, in this case the 2007 SR5 4.7 V8 Double Cab. kilometers. At that time, Toyota offered to give him a brand new 2016 Tundra in exchange for his million-mile Tundra..

Apparently, the driver of this pickup truck agreed to the change. But he kept this 2016 Tundra for his own personal enjoyment, and the place of the million-mile 2007 Tundra will be taken by another 2014 Tundra, which is exactly the one that reached 900,000 miles today.

We recently told you about a study that analyzed some of the longest-lasting cars, cars that easily clock more than 400,000 kilometers. And among them all, the Toyota Tundra was one of the longest-lasting vehicles, behind only the Toyota Sequoia, Toyota Land Cruiser and Chevrolet Suburban.

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